puppy grooming




Groom and Wash: A hands-on wash and massage, using one of our gentle, detergent-free shampoos spcifically for your dogs skin and coat type. We also have special treatments available for problem skin/coat conditions. Your pet is then completely dried and brushed out, nails clipped and ears cleaned as necessary. Then a tidy-up trim of pads, eyes and under tail. Finally a spritz of cologne of your choice.

Groom, wash and undercoat removal: Groom and wash as above but includes complete removal of all loose undercoat. Specifically for double coated breeds, Pomeranians, Samoyeds etc.

Groom, wash and carding/Shed-less Program: This carding technique is especially good for those short coated breeds which continuously lose hair, includes the groom and wash as above. Can reduce shedding by 60-80% for about 4-6 weeks. Improved results are shown fter a couple of treatments.

Breed Specific Trims: All dog groomers at Pet Perfecion can groom to breed standards using a variety of grooming techniques. These pets are recommended to attend grooming on a regular basic (at least every 4-6 weeks). Includes the groom and wash

Stylised Pet Trims: This being our most popular dog grooming service, the resuly being an easy to care for clipping body, with stylised/scissored legs, head and tail. Even with our pet trims we keep the breed standard in mind. I.e. Westies will still look like westies. Includes the groom and wash.

The Smoothie: This is our easy care clip. Your pet will be clipped the same length all over. The coat length can range from super short to 2 inches. This can include a stylised head/tail. Includes a groom and wash.

Trim Only: Great for getting puppies used to dog grooming or in between your dogs full grooms. Trimming of face, feet and tail only. Full body trims need a bath.

Nail Trimming Only: When only the nails need clipping, takes 5-10 mins. Half priced when combined with the Trim Only. 


Teethbrushing: Teethbrushing is done in the bath, with their own personal toothbrush which we file away for future use. Using a dog Cinnamon & Tea Tree toothpaste we clean the film and food from your dogs teeth, freshening their breath.

Nail Filing: Smooth freshly cut nails, they will be shorter and won't scratch your legs

Essential 6 Skin & Coat Treatment: Special coat and skin conditioning treatment using omega oils. Great for all coat but recommended for those with coat and skin conditions.

Mud Packs and Doggie Day Spa Service: Please see Doggie Day Spa section.