puppy grooming



Client Policies & Procedures  

Before arrival: Please do not feed your pet/s within three hours prior to their grooming          appointment. 

On arrival: We do suggest all pets are either   contained in carry compartments or on leads on arrival and pick-up. This is due to the fact that   although your pet may be well-behaved, we can not guarantee all pets you may come across during pick-up and drop-off have those same great    qualities. 

Also arrive slightly early to toilet your pet prior to entry and fill out client information forms. (Don’t forget to pick-up after your pet—plastic bags are available from reception) 

Special Needs Pets: If you happen to have an elderly, young or a special needs pet that needs  extra groomer support (two groomers attending during grooming process), there will be an extra charge to cater for this. This will Not be charged to your account on your pets initial visit, as this is an unknown quantity. If found necessary this will be discussed after the groom to inform you of the situation and maybe provide a solution before your next groom. For pets that are extremely matted or have behavioral issues, you maybe required to sign a release form. 

Cancellations/Late Pick-ups: 24 hours notice would be appreciated for appointment change/cancellation. If running late for the arranged drop-off/pick-up time a phone call would also be appreciated.  If not, a Cancellation/Late Fee MAY apply. 

Eftpos, Visa, Matercard Accepted 


Prices are based on a half  hourly rate. 

Prices increase by 3% on the 1st of January each year. 

Weekly and fortnightly fees are negotiable. 

A current C5 vaccination of your pet is recommended. 

All prices include GST.