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Dog Grooming Guide

The time spent on bathing and grooming your dog is not just essential to the comfort and hygiene of your dog and yourself, but on a regular basis can be one of the most enjoyable times spent together for the both of you. Your canine companion may not show it at first, but will end up loving the tactile experience of being groomed and the extra attention and time given to them.  


The Bath 

·  Before bathing, make sure there are no knots as they will get tighter when wet.  

·           Always use a dog shampoo, as human shampoos have a different pH which over time irritate or damage the dogs skin & coat.

·           Make sure rinsing is thorough, most allergies to shampoos are really caused by soap left on the skin or coat.

·          Towel dry, if using a human hair dryer set heat to off or cool.

·           Bath when smelly or dirty. Some dogs will need washing quite regularly, but others only oaccasionally.


The Grooming 

·  Brush each day if possible, or at least twice per week. 

·  Which brush you use will depend on the breed and what type of coat they have. 

·  If unsure on what products are best and how to use them a pet grooming salon has the expertise to give you helpful friendly advice. 

·  Finish of with a good massage/rub down for a completely happy and relaxed dog.